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Steps to take for an impressive CV

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Steps to take for an impressive CV

If you are thinking of applying for a new job, you need to have an impressive CV. It may not guarantee you the position, but it will get you noticed in the first place. The first step in job hunting is to be noticed and secure that first interview for the post you have applied for. If your current CV has been left on the shelf since your last role then it is more than likely out of date. 


When updating your CV it is important to also think about the layout, a CV is a marketing tool, just like the ones you would use to promote your dental school or practice. It needs to be strong, to the point and make an impression on the employers mind.

For the employers recruiting it can be a challenge of juggling time, money and resources in order to shortlist the best candidates. It may take them some time to read through all of the applications sent in for one position. They do not want to be reading page after page about why you are so good for this particular role. You need to make the job shortlist as easy as possible.



Keep it to a maximum of two sides on A4. Make sure that you layout is clear and easy to navigate. Do not cram it all together, use plenty of spacing and don’t forget headings for each section. Make sure that you use a sensible font e.g. Arial size 11. 

Divide it into sections: Personal details, education & qualifications, volunteering & previous employment, skills and interests.

Have your CV in chronological order with the most recent first and explain any gaps that may be there, for example: gap years, long holidays or illness breaks. Include contact details for your referees, these should be your last two employers or lecturers. 

Power Words

Highlight your main skills and show how you could add more to the practice than the other candidates; why should they interview you? What makes you different? Make sure that you provide evidence to back up any statements that you make. Ensure that your CV contains power words such as:

  • Achieved
  • Exceeded
  • Effectively
  • Excelled
  • Established
  • Developed
  • Demonstrated
  • Motivated
  • Unique
  • Won

Grammar and Spellings

Poor grammar and spelling mistakes will immediately alert the interviewer’s attention and they make assumptions about your abilities. Use a programme such as Microsoft word to create your CV; make sure you spell check your final version.

Map your CV to their requirements. Use the terminology used in the job and candidate descriptions. If they are looking for a confident dental graduate then tell them that’s what you are. And again use those power words.

Final Checks

A CV containing mistakes will not make a good impression. Make sure that you proof read it again and again. Take a break from your CV and then go back to it, a fresh mind may spot missed mistakes. Why not send it to a friend for their opinion? Listen to their feedback and make the appropriate changes. Dental Protection is also on hand to answer any questions you may have about CV writing and check over your CV.

Send your CV as a hard copy printed on white paper or electronically with a short covering letter explaining why you are suitable for the job advertised.


Just remember to relax, take your time and breathe. Good luck in your interviews!


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