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Six Resolutions for Young Dentists

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Six Resolutions for Young Dentists

Each and every January, many of us scribble down our New Year's resolutions and pledge to join a gym, learn a new language or find true love. Sometimes though, we forget that our careers deserve New Year's resolutions too. Make the promise to yourself that 2014 will be a fantastic year for your personal life and career too.

1. Invest in your number one asset, you! Continuing Professional Development need not be just about racking up a pile of points. Pick courses that relate to your practice. Are you interested in rotary endodontics or oral surgery? Do your research and find a course or workshop that will enable you to use your skills in your daily practice.

2. Remember not to get ahead of yourself as a newly graduated dentist. Gauge the level of difficulty and ongoing management of each treatment that you choose to undertake. Sticking within the realms of treatments that you are familiar and confident with will help to minimise associated risks and stress.

3. Perfect your dental examination routine. Always keep in mind that the examination can be the most important appointment for both the patient and yourself as the dentist. Remember to always ask your patients what their expectations are and to clearly explain what your treatment plan entails. Don't forget to keep accurate and relevant patient notes.

4. Network with other young dentists and share experiences. Take the opportunity to mingle and make professional contacts within your own city or town. Broadening your base of contacts is useful for future career opportunities as well as finding out about relevant and interesting meetings and social activities around you.

5. Request to observe a senior dentist in your practice perform a procedure you are less familiar with. Whether it is treatment under relative anesthesia or extractions of impacted lower wisdom teeth, there is much to be learnt from your seniors. Observe and gain experience from both clinical technique and patient management. Take time to discuss the appointment once the patient has left and ask questions to clear any uncertainty you may have.

6. Make time for yourself. Plan the year ahead and make sure to incorporate some time off for a holiday or rest at home. Better yet, plan to visit a conference in an exotic location and turn it into an amazing holiday. It is amazing how rest and relaxation can increase efficiency at work and decrease stress levels.

Resolutions are important for a young dentist, they are not just ideas to try and stick to as the year goes on. They are issues that will enhance you as an individual, boost your profile and most of all make you a better dentist. It is a chance for you to get on top of your game and be the best at what you do!

Rachel Pino


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