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Investing in your health

in Your Health

Investing in your health

Sarah Kaddour explains why investing in your health is so important in the early stages of your career.

Cross infection control, immunisations and needle-stick precautions are just a few ways to help protect the dentist and patient. But how much advice and how much prevention is given to protect our joints, back and neck?

5 years at university and life long CPD will challenge and develop our intellect, but the physical strains of the job are extremely taxing to our bodies. So should we take extra care to ensure we keep our bodies in shape and invest in our physical well-being? With all that hard work at dental school and beyond, health problems can easily cut a career short, or at least damage it.

Sarah-Kaddour-Sheffield.-Egypt-Borneo-and-the-Philippines-pic-3Physiotherapy appointments and gym sessions seem to be a regular occurrence in my schedule.  An achy back and joints after a day at work are routine especially after a few molar extractions! I know at university good posture was lightly covered and never reinforced.  Viewing the palatal aspect of that composite with your heard turned 180 degrees isn’t ideal, and bad habits are hard to break. 

There are a few measures that clinicians may want to invest in to prevent health problems developing early in their career.  Here are three tips to take back.

Invest in a good dental stool/ chair - although expensive to begin with a good chair could last you the rest of your dental career. Dentists are happy to pay for an expensive car they may only sit in for 2 hours a day but resist investing in a chair they may use for 8 hours! 

Loupes - once again a short-term expense for a long term gain. Shopping around is essential as different companies vary drastically in price and quality. Loupes are individual and so it is worth trying before you buy. Companies will offer to fit the loupes for you in your surgery so you can use them in a dental setting. And if you want an extra bargain, buy your loupes during final year, vocational training or in a group for a discount.

Make time - look at your posture and if need be book a physiotherapy appointment for advice. I have had a few sessions where my posture was addressed and the difference was remarkable. As dentists we pay thousands for investments in our brains… now its time to invest in our bodies! Remember they have to last a lifetime.

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