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Benefits of Membership

in Dental Protection

At Dental Protection we have the most comprehensive professional indemnity available for all members of the dental team. Over 70% of dentists in the UK choose to be protected and supported by Dental Protection. Not only do we provide top quality advice and assistance, we also have a huge portfolio of risk management support available to help you minimise risk throughout your career. We have the largest team of dento-legal advisers to assist and support you.

Access to 14 Months' Extended Indemnity

You can seek assistance from us with any claims for negligence, damages and associated legal costs.

Regular Magazines & E-Bulletins

Riskmatters magazine is a twice-yearly publication containing insightful and educational articles highlighting key dental issues that affect you as a recent graduate, plus you'll receive a regular Newsmatters e-bulletin, and our flagship Annual Review and Riskwise publications.

Take your membership with you

We are unique in that we are the only UK-based defence organisation serving 64,000 dental members worldwide. This gives us a wide experience and may make it possible for your membership to travel with you.

Support When You Need It

You can access advice, request assistance with claims for negligence, damages and the associated legal costs and receive support when you need it from more than 60 dento-legal advisers who are here to help. During normal daytime working hours or in an emergency, we have someone to take your calls, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Assistance with Complaints

Whether you are facing a complaint to the GDC or disciplinary proceedings, our dento-legal advisers and local advisers will work closely together on your behalf. The dento-legal advisers can ably navigate the ethical and legal maze on your behalf; and our local advisers are here to support you every step of the way, should you need it.

We can help you formulate a response to a complaint and assist and support you through to its resolution. We can work with you to look at why complaints arise and how to minimise the risks of recurrence.

Should you attract adverse publicity, we can issue press statements and act as a spokesperson to the media to shield you as far as possible from having to deal directly with the press.

Confidential Counselling Service

We offer access to a counselling service if you are suffering from stress and anxiety as a result of complaints, claims, or dental council hearings. This service is tailored to your requirements and delivered by fully trained, qualified and registered psychologists and counsellors, and is entirely independent and confidential.

Education, Events & Risk Management Resources

Gain verifiable continuing professional development at our events, workshops and lecture programmes and via Prism, our online CPD and learning portal, offering a wide range of modules plus access to our award-winning publications.

Exclusive Offers

We are currently offering the following special offers and discounts for our young dentist members.


If you have any questions about what Dental Protection has to offer, contact us.


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