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Important information for Cardiff graduates 2010-2014

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A small number of Cardiff BDS graduates will soon receive a pack of information about their registration with the GDC.

They should read the information carefully as it is important for them to take prompt action to preserve their registration.


Those graduates affected will need to complete and return the form contained in the pack which also contains a detailed explanation for this unusual turn of events.

Dental Protection will be happy to assist any member who has concerns about the process.

T: 0800 561 1010

Key points

  • The GDC is working very hard to correct an unfortunate error that was not of its own making.
  • You must return the form correctly completed to the GDC ideally by 8 May 2015 otherwise you will be removed from the register and not re-instated. The GDC has allowed itself three weeks to process the applications.
  • If an issue (conviction / ill health) has arisen that needs to be declared on your form, we suggest that you contact us immediately to seek assistance
  • Your membership benefits with Dental Protection will not be affected by the change if you cooperate with the GDC
  • Please contact as many classmates as possible to make sure that they have all received their packs from the GDC – particularly if you know they have gone abroad.

More information can be found here



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